Jerk Chicken Dinner

I posted about Saveur Magazine’s Top 100 list last month and mentioned a jerk chicken recipe in it that I would really like to try. And here it is!

Overall the flavor of the recipe is really great. It’s funny how sometimes you don’t really understand a flavor until you create it yourself. For example, this recipe calls for 3/4 cup of allspice and 3/4 cup of brown sugar. I’ve always known that brown sugar is what gives the seasoning its sweetness and caramelization but I didn’t realize how crucial the allspice is in also lending it its aromatic sweetness.

While the flavors are great, I find that the recipe is a bit problematic in its quantity. The recipe was written for 2 3-4 lbs. chickens, each quartered. Unless you are having a dinner party, that is a lot of chickens to be had, even for a family. So I had to do some calculations to decrease the recipe quantity.

The best advice I have is that you should make the dry portion of this recipe in large quantities and set it aside in a bottle. That way you can make this anytime and only have to get the wet ingredients. While the recipe calls for so many ingredient items and take at least half of a day to marinate, it is worth all the time and effort because what you’ll get is a brilliantly authentic, sweet, spicy, and char-crisped jerk chicken dish.

Served with: Baked potato, boiled corn, and blue-cheese wedge salad.

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