Bluebird Bakers

One of my top five reasons of shopping at high-end grocery stores like Zupan’s or Whole Foods in Portland has to be these damn cookies. Bluebird Bakers is based here in Portland, Oregon and their cookies are only available in the Portland Metro area right now. Buying a package of these humanely-produced cookies will set you off $5 or more, but it is so worth it. This particular flavor, the Browned Butter Oatmeal, is salty and sweet at the same time. It’s a solid cookie, moderately chewy but holds itself together. The cranberries, oatmeal, and nuts give it a lot of fun textures. Just eating one cookie is a very satisfying experience!

Definitely worth a try.







2 Responses to “Bluebird Bakers”
  1. Chickie says:

    Hello Half-Pint Girl!

    A friend just drew this blog and comment to my attention today. Thanks so much for the kind words and I’m so happy that you’re a fan! We do our best . . .

    Happy Cookie Munching -

    Chickie Massa
    Bluebird Bakers

    • admin says:

      Thanks, Chickie. I try to support local artisans as much as I can and your cookies were extraordinarily good. I hope to try more flavors in the future :)

      - HPG